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Growth of the VUI


In the realm of digital design, the evolution from traditional User Interfaces (UI) to Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) marks a significant shift in how we interact with technology. This transition is underpinned by advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP), a technology that enables machines to interpret, process, and respond to human language in real-time. As a result, VUIs offer a more accessible and efficient user experience, especially for…

Healthcare Audio Branding


Sounds in Healthcare Marketing Interview by “Healthcare Marketing” magazine with the managing director of GROVES Sound Branding Christoph Groß-Fengels. Topic: Relevance of audio branding for companies in the healthcare industry Why is it worthwhile for companies to use sound as a part of their brand communication? To start with the words of Paul Watzlawick: „You […]

Intel-Headquarter-CPU-AMD_091124144248 (1)


By some estimates, it’s played once every five minutes somewhere in the world. A simple five-note mnemonic tune composed 20 years ago that, with the help of a clever marketing slogan, helped Intel become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. “Nobody was going to run a 30-second ad with the logo there […]



Safe and Sound: Optimized Sound Communications for increased safety in tunnels The echo in tunnels has, until now, made the emergency communication over loudspeaker virtually impossible. Now scientist are exploring possibilities to make such instructions clearer. They are developing techniques to time-aligned the signals so as the sound waves don’t cancel out each other. Another […]



A comment by John Groves *** For German version please see below *** Language can make the invisible visible. That is, succinctly put, the result of a recent study by U.S. American scientists. Gary Lupine, University of Wisconsin, and Emily Ward, Yale University, have discovered that auditive stimuli influence our visual perception to a much […]

Pop music and music in TV commercials getting increasingly sad


A new scientific study reveals that pop music is increasingly sounding more sad. The number of pop hits in minor has doubled since the 60ies. It is generally known that pop music reflects society. Do these new findings thus signify a progressive feeling of depression in our society? Read on here: or here: 120605 […]

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