( ( ABA ) ) Audio Branding Congress 2009

“With people it is like with rabbits – you have to grab them by the ears!” (Mirabeau 1791)

True to this motto, the first international Audio Branding Congress ( ( ABA ) ) will be taking place in Hamburg on November 14th 2009. Experts and marketing people from all over the world will come together to discuss the State of the Art of the upcoming marketing discipline of Sound Branding / Audio Branding. Top class panelists will present and discuss various aspects of Sound Communications. There will also be lectures on the latest findings of modern consumer research and the meaning of music in advertising. An impressive experience will be the presentations in the so-called “Black Box“. These lectures will be held in absolute darkness by blind speakers. With the total absence of vision, the participants will have to rely on the sense of hearing.

The Audio Branding Congress aims at decision makers from the fields of brand management, marketing, advertising and design, as well as at sound designers, people from the music business, researchers and scholars.

We from GROVES Sound Communications wholly support this new initiative and believe that the ABC will help this young discipline to gain in significance.

For further information: https://www.audio-branding-academy.org/

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  1. Cool Bastian! It is good when we take time for compliments and not just for criticism

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