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Safe and Sound: Safety in tunnels

Posted by Birgit Elke on April 21, 2015
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Safe and Sound: Optimized Sound Communications for increased safety in tunnels

The echo in tunnels has, until now, made the emergency communication over loudspeaker virtually impossible. Now scientist are exploring possibilities to make such instructions clearer. They are developing techniques to time-aligned the signals so as the sound waves don’t cancel out each other.

Another case of the importance of sound for communication. Flashing lights will get the attention but sound will make it possible to deliver specific instructions which could be a life-saver.

Watch the video in full length here (3:29 min./ Source: 3Sat TV programme)

Pop music and music in TV commercials getting increasingly sad

Posted by admin on February 06, 2015
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James Blunt

A new scientific study reveals that pop music is increasingly sounding more sad. The number of pop hits in minor has doubled since the 60ies. It is generally known that pop music reflects society. Do these new findings thus signify a progressive feeling of depression in our society?

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Music can influence our sense of taste

Posted by on June 03, 2014
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WineA study on music, wine and taste

A field study conducted by the Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, indicates that listening to music can affect the way wine tastes. The research showed that when a powerful, heavy piece of music is heard, a wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon is perceived as being 60 per cent more powerful, rich and robust than when no music is heard.

Prof Adrian North added: “It is widely acknowledged within the scientific community that music affects behaviour, however this is the first time it has been scientifically proven that music can affect perception in other senses and change the way wine tastes.

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Notes & Neurons @ World Science Festival

Posted by admin on March 29, 2014
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World Science Festival

The theme “Notes & Neurons” was featured at the World Science Festival in New York City.

“Is our response to music hard-wired or culturally determined? Is the reaction to rhythm and melody universal or influenced by environment? Join host John Schaefer, Jamshed Barucha, scientist Daniel Levitin, Professor Lawrence Parsons and musical artist Bobby McFerrin for live performances and cross cultural demonstrations to illustrate music’s note-worthy interaction with the brain and our emotions.”

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Musik und Emotion

Posted by admin on August 31, 2013
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Christoph DrösserWarum erzeugt Musik Gefühle? Einige Erklärungsversuche der Wissenschaft

Musik kann in uns hineinfahren wie ein Blitz. Sie kann zu Tränen rühren, zum ausgelassenen Tanzen verführen, uns an Orte und vergangene Zeiten zurückführen. Wie kann das sein? Sprache, die mit der Musik sehr verwandt ist, erreicht uns immer über das Bewusstsein. Doch Musik trifft uns ganz unmittelbar, ohne dass wir ihren Inhalt analysieren müssen. Wie macht Musik das, was sie macht?

Lesen Sie hier den sehr empfehlenswerten Artikel:
Der Gänsehaut-Effekt von Christoph Drösser

„Musik und Emotion“ ist das Titelthema im Ressort „Wissen“ von DIE ZEIT, Ausgabe #35 vom 26. August 2010

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