Christina Aguilera and Mercedes-Benz

Artist & brand partnership at it’s best! Hear the story of how the advertising agency ‘Springer & Jacoby” supervised the co-operation between Christina Aguilera & Mercedes-Benz for the ‘A-class’ campaign. Get behind the scenes info about the song “Hello” which was specially composed for the campaign – “Follow Your Own Star“.

In the player below you can listen to a preview of the interview with Mr. John Groves (GROVES Music Communications) and the creative director of Springer & Jacoby, Mr. Toygar Bazarkaya.

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5 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera and Mercedes-Benz”

  1. Hi there, folks!

    It is nice to know, how agencies realize such a huge project. And on top, it is a knowledge that you normally do not get by reading articles in newspapers or internet blogs.

    A very good Idea to tell the whole story via Podcast… Now I can listen to it while I am out in the fresh air. 🙂 BRAND SOUNDS, thanx for that!

    Keep it that way…


  2. John, it’s always a pleasure to hear your “sound identity“, your voice!

    The cooperation between Mercedes Benz and Christina Aguilera is a very good sample for brand entertainment and the power of music in advertising. I actually used this case in my latest article “Popstars für Marken�? in the forthcoming book -Audio-Branding: Die Rolle der akustischen Identität in Markenkommunikation, Medien und Gesellschaft- by Kai Bronner and Rainer Hirt ( ). Too bad I didn’t have the chance to listen to your Podcast before I wrote the article. Anyway, I’ll also use it for my dissertation about popsponsoring ( ).

    I see here a very attractive way how music industry and advertising industry can work together and meet certain actual challenges.

  3. Hi Cornelius,

    thanks for the positive feedback! I hope you enjoy the podcast about the Fanta 4 & O2. Their artist & brand partnership is maybe also something for your dissertation. Smudo is such a clear thinker & an eloquent speaker – even in English!

    Spread the word – let it be heard!


  4. I listened to the whole podcast thinking I was about to hear a link to the song in question. I never got to hear the result of 9 podcasts of talking. Nor did I find it here.

    Have I missed something big?

  5. Hi David, sorry you were disappointed not finding the Christina Aguilera track. BRAND SOUNDS is more about the inside workings of how music works for brands. Sometimes we get so carried away with our deep-digging, we forget that it might also be nice to hear what the music sounds like (although to Google it is really the easy bit).
    Here is a link for you: Christina Aguilera – Hello
    Welcome back!

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