John Groves at TYPO Berlin

John Groves @ TYPO Berlin
A LIGHT BULB MOMENT FOR SURE! He is one of the famous composers from Germany and internationally acknowledged as a pioneer of Sound Branding.

Since the early 90’s he is working on the structured process for creating and managing Sound Identities. Withal the creative & campaign related barriers, he always tried to follow the strategic point of view. As all the other composers were writing jingles, John have had always the vision that the things that were composed, had much more potential and power for strengthening a brand. Is just had to be more strategic, well thought and guided…

And the time is now! There are many interested people out there, who want to know more about the term “Sound Branding”. In this podcast with John Groves they can find out all about it and how important sound is for today’s communication. Enjoy it!

Thanks to TYPO Berlin for the pictures.

TYPO Berlin Videopodcast | Overview [/en]

2 thoughts on “John Groves at TYPO Berlin”

  1. ich fand den vortrag etwas banal und vermisste gerade die “aha” effekte.

    überdies leider sehr wirr vorgetragen.


  2. Hi Costa,

    I am sorry to that you did not get the hoped for “aha” feeling. This talk was directed at graphic artists and designers. The bottom line I wanted to get over was that typography can have a corresponding sound or music. It may be banal, but a lot of people are not aware of this communication possibility. If you are more interested in the marketing aspects of sound and music, may I suggest you visit our IPTV-Channel at

    Anyway, thanks for the comment.


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