Lou Pearlman and NSync

Exclusively for BRAND SOUNDS, John Groves interviewed Lou Pearlman in London. They talked about his experiences with brand and artists partnerships.

For those of you who don’t know who Lou Pearlman is, shame on you. He is the manager of the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, US5 and responsible for these people selling billions of records and having great sponsorship and brand partnership deals.

In the player below you can listen to a preview of the interview. Check out the whole episode by subscribing to the BRAND SOUNDS podcast for free at your favorite platform:

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Pearlman has also been a producer and occasional guest for MTV’s “Making The Band II” with P Diddy. And, as if beeing a music mogul wasn’t enough for Pearlman, he has also added author to his resume with the release of his book, “Bands, Brands and Billions”.

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2 thoughts on “Lou Pearlman and NSync”

  1. This is really amazing!!!
    How did You guys get this famous manager infront of Your microphones??
    I´m a real US 5 fan and started my interest for what´s happening behind the scenes of backstreet boys and US 5 some years ago.
    Thanks for that!
    This thing really is a “must-listen”

    Greets from norway.


  2. Hey Magnus!

    It is realy nice to get that kind of response. Thank you. So if you got any questions or suggestions please let us know.


    the BRAND SOUNDS team.

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