France Sounds

More and more brands and companies in France have discovered Sound Branding as a brand-building tool in marketing and communications. While the world is inundated with logos and visual images, music and sound are very effective means to captivate people’s attention and to tickle their emotions.

The French luxury industry counts on the power of music to appeal to the consumer’s senses and create a brand experience. At Lancôme, sound and music are highly valued tools to play up the dream factor and the notion of well-being.

At PSA Peugeot Citroen, music is used to strengthen group identity and team spirit: 65.000 employees who turn on their computer are being welcomed every morning with a unique PSA signature music.

In Paris, the orientation for travelers is aided by the unique sound of the announcements at both Charles de Gaulle Airport and in the Metro. Indeed, Paris sounds!


Read on here for further examples on effective sensory marketing.

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