SMUDO of “Fanta 4” and O2

CAUTION, THIS IS HOT! Here are some brand new Episodes in which John Groves interviews SMUDO from “Die Fantastischen Vier” – Germanys chart-topping hip-hop act. These days also known as “Fanta 4”.

They talk about the partnership between the Telco 02 and the Fanta 4, tour sponsorship and the use of their hit “TROY” in TV commercials during the football WM 2006.

In the player below you can listen to a preview of the interview. To listen to the whole interview (5 Episodes), subscribe to the BRAND SOUNDS podcast for free on your favorite podcast platform by klicking on the hyperlink:

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7 thoughts on “SMUDO of “Fanta 4” and O2”

  1. Hello to the Brand Sounds Team,

    I am writing an article about artist co-operations and pop-music used in TV-Ads for a small newspaper here in germany. A friend of mine told me, that i could get some interesting stuff about it here.

    It´s a pitty that the Fanta4 podcast isn´t available in iTunes yet. 🙁 Hope it is published before I have to deliver my thing. 🙂

    Thanks for the first 1:40!!!

    Greets Frederik

  2. Dear Frederik,

    thank you for the comment!

    The first episode of the Interview with SMUDO is allready online but iTunes needs about 24 hours to update. Please be patient and come by tomorrow. It’s really hot stuff! 🙂

    By the way, thank’s to your friend telling you to check out the BRAND SOUNDS blog. If you need more information, go ahead and contact us.

    See you soon,

    the BRAND SOUNDS team.

  3. Thomas Witter

    Hi there!

    I’ve just subscribed to your podcast at iTunes. It’s really amazing and nice to know, how that kind of projects are to be realized.

    Keep on doing this, I love it!



  4. SMUDO really speaks his mind, that is why his statements deliver a good insight into the relationship between artists, brands and record companies. And it becomes clear that many problems arise because of misunderstandings, personal interests and even of amateurish operations. Same situation in sound branding and in the selection and production of music for advertising and brand communication: personal preferences of marketing managers, working “trial and error” and bad technical implementation of music and sound. There is still a lot of work to do in the field of sound and music in communication and advertising. Agencies, brands and corporations really do need professional consultancy when it comes to music and sound as they are a powerful weapons in the communications toolbox and their huge potential should not be left unused.

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  6. I’ve just been to the USA, so I think it’s way easier to write that stuff in english, but as you’ll see, I wrote something in german too.
    All right, I really enjoyed listening to that series of podcasts. It was very, very interesting (and at least a bit of inspiraring) to get to know all thos facts about the complicated music buiseness world. I’ll see … I think I’ll subscribe some more of your episodes.
    So, in conclusion: Sauber!

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