Sound Branding – New revenue opportunities for songwriters and musicians?

Posted by Birgit Elke on October 25, 2010
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Brand sound specialist John Groves speaks at congress SongFest in London / UK

John Groves, brand sound specialist from Hamburg, Germany, takes part in a panel at the premiere of the congress Songfest in London on October, 25th 2010. As participant of the panel “Sound Branding – Hum that Brand” John Groves and other experts from the branch will discuss the future of Sound Branding as well as the professional potential of this new business area for musicians and composers. The three-day congress SongFest is presented by BASCA (British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) and takes place at the London Brickhouse from October 25 to 27, 2010.

Sound Branding: Hum that Brand

From the Intel bongs to the pips for Radio 4 News, sound branding has long been a part of everyday life. Coca Cola recently embedded their sonic brand in a chart hit moving the use of them into a new league. However, will this evolution be the golden goose of songwriter revenue? Or has the swell of bedroom laptop composers and the deals they agree to strangled the bird already?
• What is sound branding?
• What makes a successful brand sound?
• How much money can a songwriter make?
• When making the deal for your composition to be used what should you look out for?

The event is on Monday 25th October in Brick Lane and the panel is at 2.45pm.

The other panellists are:
Chris Smith, PCAM / CEO The Barbershop Music Co.
Jonathan Goldstein, PCAM, Medienkomponist
Joe Glasman, CEO Hum
John Groves, CEO GROVES Sound Communications

About Songfest

This Autumn, the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) is holding an exciting new three day festival for budding British songwriters called SongFest. It aims to support the future talent of the music industry.

SongFest will take place from 25th – 27th October at The Brickhouse. From the page to the stage, this event is designed to help young talent carve a career out of songwriting. There will be a host of different activities each day, including interactive music seminars given by the experts and a ‘speed-dating’ event where the mix of like-minded musicians can exchange ideas and hear from A&R experts. In the evenings there will be live gigs showcasing the hottest unsigned talent, hosted by PRS for Music, London College of Music and BASCA.

For further information on the panel and the congress please visit

For further information on BASCA

For further information on John Groves and GROVES Sound Communications

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