Sound Branding: an established marketing discipline

Music has always been a part of marketing communications, but it is now producing measurable results thanks to a relatively new discipline called Sound Branding. Although many companies have yet to discover the benefits of this systematic approach, it seems that the marketing masterminds are now acknowledging the huge potential that Sound Branding has to offer.

This is what Amir Kassaei, Heino Hilbig and Nick Law think about the systematic use of sound and music in branding, advertising and communications:


Amir KassaeiAmir Kassaei, DDB Worldwide Chief Creative Officer:

„It’s not about the right sound or the right piece of music. It’s about the strategic question “What should my brand sound like?“

„Music is one of the most important tools for adding emotion to a brand. It has something no other medium can offer. It can reach people’s hearts if you’re using it right.”

Read the entire interview with Amir Kassaei here:


Heino HilbigHeino Hilbig, CEO, Mayflower Concepts / Former Head of Corporate Marketing, Olympus Europa Holding

“Whereas these days, most of us are quite fit in visual branding – when it comes to the sound of a brand, we’ve still got quite a way to go! (…) We, the marketers, have to ask ourselves a potentially embarrassing question: how it is possible to have overlooked such a vital part of our responsibilities for such a long time?”

Read his comments on Sound Branding and the book „ComMUSICation“ (by John Groves) here:


Nick LawNick Law, EVP, CCO of R/GA North America

„We know the advantage music has in the storytelling space, because nothing evokes emotion so viscerally as music.”

“Music has a great advantage in these new frameworks because we all understand music as a system. [iPhone makes text noise.] There we go! There’s a great example of sonic branding, right? (…) Apple has taken the time to brand all of these sounds, these functional sounds. I don’t think many companies are using sound in as sophisticated of a way as they could be.”

“I think music is actually a perfect language for multiple contexts.“

Read the entire interview with Nick Law here:

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