Why a baby’s laugh will make you buy

Question 1: What is the most powerful sound in the world?
>>> The giggling of a baby.

Question 2: What is the second most powerful sound in the world?
>>> The INTEL sound!!

A recently published study by brand expert Martin Lindstrom reveals the relationship between sounds and consumer spendings. It shows that branded sounds such as the INTEL sound or the T-Mobile sound logo can be very powerful and meaningful to people from all over the world. Sounds do not only evoke brand recall but can influence people’s buying behaviour. https://www.martinlindstrom.com/index.php/cmsid__sound_survey

In an interview with the TIMES Magazine (see below), Lindstrom gives some insights on the difficulties of finding the right sound for a brand or company. Lindstrom states that in most advertisements “standard sounds” are used which are not effective and fail to communicate the brand’s message. Some companies even use sounds that damage the brand’s image.

Furthermore, Lindstrom points out that very few companies own powerful sounds so far. However, his prognosis for the future is that situation is going to change. The use of branded sounds will become very important over the next few years.

Do you want to learn more about effective sounds in brand communications?

Then read BUYOLOGY or BRAND SENSE by Martin Lindstrom.

Or visit www.groves.de where you will find useful information on the use of music and sound in advertising and communication / Sound Branding.

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